RSJ media is a media which commenced in UCC two weeks today. The media is named after myself and two of my programme mates. The ‘R’ stands for the initial of my name Regan, the ‘S’ stands for Shirley and the ‘J’ stands for Jove. I am the mouthpiece and mastermind behind this media. I came out with the ideology of setting up this media based on two core reasons. I realized that my associates famble with speaking or addressing a large crowd and it became a very problematic issue for me because there happen to be the only female friends am very much close to and i want to do anything to help them obscure that spirit of nervousness and shivering in them. I called them one very fine afternoon and schooled them on how they can speak and express themselves bravely in public without swimming in the pool of fambling. In the process of teaching them, i took a video of whatever went on over there and told them what they did wrong and bad. After the meeting, i said ok if that’s the case why don’t i set a media platform so that we can all explore? In the one way or the other as communication studies students,it will massively help us. RSJ media has three core main areas that we want to tackle. We are into interviewing, education and entertainment. Just two weeks we have been able to get 290 subscribers which tells how devoted and dedicated we are to make the channel hold water. We have gotten one key personality to our team who wants to push the agenda forward. I strongly believe that sooner than later, RSJ media would be at its apex


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