Vanilla – Prayer (Official Video)

Vanilla is a Ghanaian singer who has participated in Ghana’s most prominent music talent program, Mentor. Vanilla has released his first single of the year, “Prayer,” after just signing with Bullhaus Entertainment.

Here’s what he has to say about his song “Prayer.”

This new year came with a lot of expectations
and fresh energy to make positive strides and achieve
milestones for me, it is no surprise that the first song
I recorded this year was practically a prayer put in melodies
and laid on a beat. We didn’t want too slow because
we wanted to create an expectant mood and raise spirits
with it. So you’re praying to ask God for something but you’re
happy and dancing because you believe and know you’re going to receive

Prayer is available on all in all digital retailers and to listen to on 90bars Music.

Below is the official video:

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