1.Life isn’t on a silver plater; in life no matter what comes through there will always be difficulties, hardship, financial problems and others. Infact they will be much more to pass through but when all this problems comes, you have to stand and fight through. There might be something you really would want and you just don’t stand there and wish for things, you fight for them and not wait for them. It might be a lot of pains fighting for them but it worth it.

2.NEVER TRUST ANYONE; In life we get to suffer most because of how we trust people around us. We trust the people around us so much that it blinds us to see things. Anyone will try to betray you when they see you prospering and not them, even your best friend can betray you. Trusting someone is something you should never try in life. We all lie and do something for our own good even if we get to know we breaking the trust of others. Is a human nature.

3.Family before everything; Family is one thing to be on your apex of everything. It is one thing that last after everything has ended because even a friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, best friends ends with ‘end’ and they does not last longer. Blood is always thicker than water and is always that. Even when your family might be one of a hell, just still be around because they are the only relationship that doesn’t end.

4.Time management: Time is infinite. And something so precious that, Time lost can never be regained. And is one thing in Life that makes life very comfort. Govern the clock and not to be governed by the clock. Make every minute and second of life useful because Time is money and money is time.

5.Slef-awarness: In life you need to be aware of every thing you do, every step you take,  and every choice you make. Self-awareness is something that people doesn’t keep it as a keyword In life but is something that can make life successful and comfortable.

6.Patience: Life needs patience. With patience you can cut a big tree with a kitchen knife. Patience is something that every one must have in life and be with it every thing they and on every path they take.

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