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Seth Asiedu Darko, know to the people as Nana Yaw or Seth is a young man, religious and ambitious. He hails from Obuasi in the Ashanti region of Ghana, a proud Ashanti for that matter but currently resides in Tema in the greater Accra region. He’s not ethnocentric though but open minded and level-headed; a learner who is almost a Jack of all trades, excelling well in academics. He’s currently a student of the University of Cape Coast.

He takes pleasure in reading and writing and expresses himself well in productive dialogues and arguments, and enjoys movies too. Reading contributes greatly to his open-mindedness and his ‘all-welcoming’ personality; very tolerant but very principled too.
He loves to educate and be educated, alway curious of what is going on within his reach. He currently runs an online news channel ‘Nana’s News Desk’ on WhatsApp, Facebook and Telegram. This introduces his interest in blogging. He’s a writer who has written several articles and poems most of which are available for reading on request. A member of the team of bloggers.

A few of his written works are; Articles (Is There a Useless Person?, ADVOCACY ISN’T AGGRESSION, e.t.c) Poems; (Not Always my Fault, What the Past Offered the Present, Survival e.t.c) Some of these are available on Wattpad, and ‘The Broad Sheets’ under the authorship of Nana Yaw Asiedu or Seth Asiedu Darko.
Nana Yaw Asiedu is also a guru in student politics. He is currently serving as a member of parliament in the UCC Students Parliamentary Council, and also running for an SRC representative in the Oguaa hall of UCC. In addition to these are a number of leadership roles he plays in school and in church. As earlier stated, he’s a very religious person.

There’s a lot to know about his astute personality.

Interact with him on social media
WhatsApp : 0278800593 ( )
Instagram :(nana_yaw_asiedu_20)
Facebook: Nana Yaw Asiedu
Links to Nana’s News Desk
WhatsApp: 0278800593
Facebook: Nana’s News Desk
Telegram: Nana’s News Desk

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