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Power, the ability or capacity to do something or act in a way. Love an intense feeling or deep affection. Love has an ability or capacity that takes Love couples or friendship to do things that amazes the world.

The Power of love. The situations and places which love takes us can be unimaginable and is because it has the authority over loving relationship.

Once two people have the intense feeling or deep affection for each other, there is this sensation that attaches. Love controls and manipulates lovers in its own way that can never be understood in a lay man’s view.

Lover couples could act in a way one might see it as a stupid or foolish act but there is nothing like that in love for you don’t know what the power of love does.

When love takes control, it fills the whole soul for all a lover could do is to does what ever makes his/her lover happy. The Power of love makes couples and best friends act like twins. Do every thing together, wear the same clothes and get sick together when one is sick.

The Power of love was the only thing that held Romeo and Juliet together. Lovers get crazy and mad about each other because that’s how the authority of love works.

So in some situations or some actions love people do are the effect of the power of love. People do weird thing all In the name of love. Humans were made with loved and love is the happiest thing of humans.


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